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My name’s Hannah and I have an obsession with books . . . as you can probably tell. I’m an aspiring author and I started this blog because I love ranting about books I’ve read . . . and I read a book a day. No joke. So now I rant about them to you!

If you have any recommendations on books for me  to read and review (R & R), please tell me! I would prefer YA books with a female protagonist, but if it’s not, I’ll probably still read it. I usually go for books  in the paranormal/fantasy genre, and if it’s a standalone novel, even better. Not that I don’t like series or anything (trust me, I love them), but I always seem to fall in love with standalone novels. They’re just so different sometimes.


If, by chance, you recommend a book I’ve already read, I will still review it by your request (with memes and gifs included, I promise you). No worries buddy. Hakuna matata.


If you like what you see, please follow me (both of the buttons in the upper right hand corner will follow me, but the second – or lower – one will just send you emails when I post something new. Pressing both buttons would be like adding ice cream to crème brulee for me). It also helps me out a lot.

Also, follow me on twitter for updates @HannahBookEater / https://twitter.com/HannahBookEater and follow my reviews / friend me on goodreads, ’cause it’s, you know, book central and whatnot: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/15749291-hannah (This is where I may or may not have even more book reviews . . . just FYI.)

Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.”
– Abraham Lincoln


20 responses to “About Me!

  1. Katie

    Okay, I read all the time and I will probably be coming back here for suggestions a lot, but for now I have a request. What do you think about the Mortal Instruments series? I’m on book four (the fourth one this week for me) and I am quite literally OBSESSED!!! I think the series is a total keeper – it’s up there with Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and the Matched trillogy. But that’s the kind of stuff I’m into. On the other end of the spectrum is Chris Crutcher, and Ellen Hopkins. I love them, Mr. Crutcher is actually my favorite author, you should check them both out if you haven’t before. Let me know what you think!

    • Thank you so much! I wrote a review for The Mortal Instruments that I hope you’ll like and I’ll definitely check out both those authors. (I can’t believe I haven’t already . . .) And I totally agree with you on the awesomeness of that series . . . it’s just . . . there are no words for it.
      I’m already dying to see the movie for The Mortal Instruments. It looks awesome.

  2. I read your fangirl freak out on goodreads on The Killing woods I just wrote a review on my website if you want to check it out. Let me know what you thought of it.

    • Hi Sarah! I checked out your review and I thought you did great! The only thing I would say would be to make your reviews a little longer, re-read them, and maybe put some funny memes or gifs in it to keep the reader laughing?? It’s up to you though! I haven’t read The Killing Woods yet, but I really want to! It sounds great!

  3. Hi Hannah, I really like reading your blog, especially the background with all the books, it’s brilliant. 🙂 I have nominated you for a Liebster award. http://bookgeeking.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/the-liebster-award/

  4. Hi! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (details here: http://bit.ly/UZZUKN) because I think your blog is great!!

  5. Olivia

    Have you read the Tiger’s Saga (Tiger’s Curse), and if so, what did you think??? I am OBSESSED with this series, and I just love it so much, it has caused me to push Harry Potter down to my second favorite series

    • I actually haven’t read the Tiger’s Saga, though I have heard about it. I’ll add it to my to-read list. 😉 And, wow, for it to get pushed down below Harry (freakin’) Potter is quite something. (Though, to be honest, I never finished reading the Harry Potter series. I got halfway through the sixth book and just stopped, since I’d already seen the movies.) My all-time favorite series would have to be The Violet Eden Chapters by Jessica Shirvington. (Hence, all the fangirling I do here over it.) I quite doubt that any other series will top that one for me.
      Thanks for commenting! ;p

  6. Megan Welliver

    I just want to say that I love your blog! I have come across so many books that I want to check out since I found it a few weeks ago. I also wanted to recommend two series that I have absolutely fallen in love with even though I haven’t finished either series yet. The first one is the Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer and the second series is the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout. When ever you get a chance to read them I hope you enjoy them!

  7. A Pencil in her hand

    Hey, Hannah! I absolutely love your blog, and it’s helped me find a lot of neat books that I’ve never read before. (The Throne of Glass series. *Dies at the perfection of Heir of Fire*) Have you ever read ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’ by Mary Elizabeth Summer? I’m about halfway through it, and so far, it’s great. I’d like to recommend it to you!

  8. Rose

    I know you said you’d prefer a standalone novel, but I’m recommending this AMAZING series. The thing with these 3 books in that they are companion novels, so you don’t have to necessarily read the next 2 books, if you weren’t interested in the first 1. I obviously cried when each one ended because they were so good. The first book is, “The Forest of Hands and Teeth.” The second is, “The Dead-tossed Waves,” and the third is, “The Dark and Hollow Places.” I’m not sure if you’ve already read these books, or reviewed them, but if you haven’t can you please?! These books were amazing, and I’ve read all of them 3 times each, and still they are my number one favorite. Though, in the first book, Mary, might annoy you, but I assure you the second and third books were so much better in my opinion! I love all 3 though.

    • I’ve actually read the series before, some odd years ago. I remember the first one the best out of all three, and I hate to tell you, I didn’t really care for any of them. I found the concept and writing interesting, but none of them really stuck with me. I’ll put them on my to-read list again and see if I can re-read them – maybe I’ll have a different opinion about them now.

      Thanks for commenting and for the recommendation! :]

  9. Hi I saw your rant on the radiant sky website and I totally get it!! So if your looking to read another stereotypical book with a female protagonist then I have a few suggestions… sorry if you’ve already read them but anyway:

    Hush hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick
    Wings series by Aprilynne Pike
    An unfortunate fairytale by Chanda Hahn

    If you have any suggestions for me please tell me because I’m pretty much obsessed with fantasy romance books (preferably YA) and I’ve run out if ideas!! Thank you 🙂

    • Sorry I forgot you like standalone novels and these are all series buy oh well :))

      • No, it’s fine! I’ve actually the first two series, but not the third one. But I read them so long ago I can barely remember what they’re about, only that I didn’t particularly care for them too much.

        And Radiant Sky was a good rant. I was just so done with that series and had just come off a long stream of YA books that were all the same, so I was a little testy, lol. Though with school right now I don’t have almost any time to read, let alone review books like I would like to.

        Thanks for the recommendations, though!

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