The Violet Eden Chapters

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1)

When I first heard of this book, I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t one of those “must have” books for me or anything. But then I finally started it and . . . well . . . lets just say once I finished it, I went to the bookstore, bought the next two installments, and finished them both in less than twenty-four hours.

Yes, I realize this was not good for my mental state.

I just don’t care.

And everyone around me noticed my crazed obsession with this series too. I’ve read A LOT of YA series about angels and whatnot, but this series broke my heart into a million little pieces, put them back together, and then grinned mischievously while wagging a finger in my face to say, “AND THERE’S STILL MORE TO COME!”

I just . . . I just can’t.

Now, I’m going to be real about some of the things that go on in this book.

First off, yes, Violet can be whinny, selfish, and sometimes a little annoying. I rarely thought this, but it happened occasionally. But this is the first series where I thought it was sort of justified.

I mean, COME ON, if you had been through the things she has and then found out the love of your life KNEW that your world was about to be tipped upside down while you talked about your amazing plans for the future, I think you would be just a liittttllleee pissed off too.

And I totally get why she doesn’t want to be a Grigori! I mean – having awesome powers and amazing strength aside – it changes everything! And we see that in the later books. Being Grigori means she relinquishes a lot of control – something that everyone holds onto – because she can’t always know where her life will take her (or what exile she has to kill next).

I DO NOT want this to sound like Violet is a weak, meek, pushover type of girl. Because that she is not!! She is the most inspirational, fierce, powerful, kick butt protagonist I have EVER read about. I related to her in more ways than I could count and I found myself having to stop myself on several occasions, put down the book, and go run a mile to work off all the emotions bubbling inside me . . . oh, the feels!!! (And yes, this series somehow had me itching to go run on the treadmill. I never did that before this series. Now I find myself re-reading it and then running three miles. WHAT THE HECK??!).

Now, the men in the book (fans oneself).

I’m not usually drawn to the main love interest. Don’t know why, but sometimes it feels like the author spends more time characterizing the “bad boy” or “villain” of a novel rather than the love interest.

That was most definitely NOT the case here.

I have fallen for both boys. I didn’t think that was even possible anymore!!!!! But by the third book, I had picked Lincoln. Love that guy.

And okay, I have to fangirl over the cover. Especially the first one. Just wow. This is probably my favorite cover of all time. And that’s saying something. I love that she has her back to us, so we can’t see her face but can get a pretty good idea of her long hair always tied up in a ponytail and her black dress mentioned in the book. But I feel that they used a different girl for the other covers. I liked the first one much better.


Oh, and for those of you who live in the US like me, be very happy, because the fourth book is coming to our country very soon and I heard that there will be a FIFTH and maybe a SIXTH book written. Jessica Shirvington, the author, lives in Australia, so the books take a little longer to get to the US.

AND. AND. There is a stand alone book by Shirvington called Between the Lives (oh, what I would do to get my hands on a copy, like, now). It looks SO AMAZING and I can’t wait for it to get to the US. It is already out in Australia. Lucky people.


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