This is more like a 4.5 star book in my opinion. I actually bought and read this book when it first came out (a few years ago?) and I must have read it quickly and without a brain because I wasn’t a fan then. I’ve been going through my three bookshelves (and yes, they are all stuffed to the max) and re-reading some.

[Fun fact: When I was buying this book, the guy at the cash register looked at the title and said, “Did you know that paranormalcy wasn’t a word, but then president so-and-so (he said which president, but I can’t remember which) said it in some speech (again, he knew which speech, but I just can’t remember) so the dictionary people made it a real word.” That’s the gist of it.

Moral of this random story: 1.) Hannah likes random things and 2.) people at cash registers will sometimes be very smart and tell you random things. This makes your day into a good day. Just saying.]

First off: the cover. I just LOVE it. I’m not usually a fan of covers that show faces because then all I can picture when reading about the character is the person on the cover (and lets be honest, there are a lot of covers out there with the protagonist, who is supposed to be blonde and blue eyed, but then on the cover is brunette with brown eyes . . . what the . . ?). The girl on the cover is exactly who I picture Evie to be.

Also, you know how almost ALL YA books have a love triangle in them? (Yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

Well, so does this one.

BUT! There is a but! BUT one of the love interests NEVER kisses Evie or even tries to. How is this possible you ask? He is after something . . . else. What else? Well, my friend, read the gosh darn book to find out!

But here’s a hint. If you’ve read it, you’ll get it.

bth_these_funny_animals_1164_640_13 (2)

Yup, got your interest now, right?


But he isn’t a boring character because of it. At all. I looked forward to the parts of the book that had him in it. And don’t worry that he isn’t appealing or anything . . . trust me. You will like/love him. I sure did.

Next, the heroine. First thing you need to know: she has a Taser . . . That is sparkly and pink . . .  And she is not afraid to use it. If that’s not enough to make you running to go buy this book I don’t know what will.

The only falling point in this book for me was towards the end. After Vivian attacks IPCA and Evie and Lend get away, what’s with the chapters worth of normal things? I just didn’t get Evie then. I knew that she wanted to be normal and go to school and whatnot, but the fact that she had just seen a woman on fire trying to kill her and Lend should be enough to make sitting around impossible. But she’s more than happy to wait around and see how things turn out. WHAT? NOO. And the fact that she didn’t know what happened to Raquel?? How can she just sit around?? Faeries, the flaming girl, and IPCA  are most likely all after her. Girl, I would be going underground if I were you. Instead you’re going to school with Lend because . . . you want to see lockers.

. . .

There is something missing here. Don’t get me wrong, when the heroine is quirky and wants nothing more than to see a real locker in a real high school, I love it. I think it’s unique and funny. But seriously?! How can this be the biggest thing on your mind?!

Say hello to the killer faeries.


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