This is the third installment of the watersong series and, well, I’m kind of disappointed. The actual rating I would give this book is 2.5, but for some reason I’m being nice and rounding up.

Okay, let’s start with the cover. I couldn’t figure out who they were until about a third into the book. I forgot about Daniel’s insane tree tattoo, but once it was mentioned, it’s pretty obvious. So it’s Daniel and . . . Penn? Gemma? Harper? I still have no clue. I read on Goodreads that people were speculating that it was Penn because she’s kind of infatuated with him in this book, but . . . I don’t know. If you were the author, would you want to have the evil girl on the cover with the boy readers have fallen for?

Well, Hannah, when you put it like that . . . maybe.

I just don’t know. I’m thinking it’s either Penn or Gemma because the girl looks like a siren to me. Her skin is literally glowing and they’re standing in the water . . . yup, siren. But Gemma isn’t attracted to Daniel, so I’m guessing it’s Penn now.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

Moving on . . . Gemma. The girl who started it all. When the last book ending with her making Alex forget that he loved her, I thought that it was a very smart move on the author’s part. There are so many possibilities to that! Alex could end up slightly stalking Gemma because he has some unearthly feeling that he’s missing something and she’s the cause of it. Maybe he’s actually immune to the song and is playing along for Gemma’s sack and this is his plan to protect her from afar. So many possibilities!! But what happens? Alex shows up MAYBE three times in the book, one instance he was drunk, and all of them he was angry, violent and downright infuriating.

No, just no.

And it’s a little infuriating that Gemma did that to Alex in the first place. That whole I-love-you,-so-I’m-screwing-with-your-head-to-protect-you thing has gotten old people. Please, stop.


And then there’s Daniel. There is a reason he’s the one the cover . . . It’s because he stole the book! I feel like I just finished a book about his and Penn’s . . . arrangement. And what was with that?! Is he stupid?! You never, EVER make a deal like that with the devil. Because that’s what she is. And what about poor Harper? Are you seriously going to continue a relationship with her when you’re SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL??!


I don’t care how much you want to protect those you love. You never, ever think that the devil with keep her promise. Idiot.

And the play props he was working on? Not to mention Gemma and Thea are actually in the play and we never hear about the opening night or anything. I’m sitting there thinking, “Okay, so something’s going to happen on the night of the play and it probably has something to do with what play their acting out or something. Good idea!” But alas, we never even hear about the play. I’m guessing it will be continued in the last book of the series, but quite honestly, I hate that. If you’re going to introduce something like a play the protagonist is in, not to mention all the other main characters are somehow involved in, please don’t continue it in the next book! By the time I read the last book, I’ve probably read a platoon of other books, and have forgotten about the gosh darn play. So when you start talking about it in the last book like I’m supposed to remember everything about it . . . I’m not. I’m going to go, “What play? There’s a play? She acts? When did this happen?”

It just doesn’t work.


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