The 5th Wave


I think I’m a good person. A decent one at the very least. But this book . . . this book destroyed every hope and dream I had when I picked it up. I am a horrible, horrible person for not seeing this book on my own and realizing I must read it.

To be fair, I only picked this book up in the first place because I saw on Goodreads that Jessica Shirvington (author of The Violet Eden Chapters and Between the Lives. If you have not read any of her books, go away and run to the nearest library or bookstore. Like, now. I’m not even kidding.) had read it and rated it five stars. I’m a little obsessed, I realize. Don’t even care anymore. Deal with it.

This is a pretty thick book, I think, and I finished it in two days. I stayed up until one in the morning to finish it.

I regret nothing.

And I’m pretty harsh when it comes to five star books. I have my average ten or fifteen books that are my prized possessions and I re-read them every few months to a year.

If you were like me and had heard about this book, knew it was getting popular, but wasn’t too sure you wanted to read it because it’s about aliens and you’re not really a sci-fi fan like me, then let me put your decision to bed by saying that this is not your typical alien novel. At all.

If you’ve played or seen the game called The Last of Us, picture something like that in book form. I kept thinking about that game when I was reading this. Just because I think the protagonist, Cassie, is a lot like Ellie from the game. Just instead of zombies, it’s aliens now.

A quick synopsis: Cassie is a sixteen year old girl who lost her family to the Waves of the alien invasion. She is all alone and does not know if she is the last human around. She cannot trust anyone, even if they look human. So what does the mean for a girl like her? Shoot first, because if you don’t, they’ll shoot you.

So it sounds okay, right? Typical loner girl struggling to stay alive. A little The Hunger Games action going on at times.

Heck no.

First thing I want to put out there: yes, there is some romance in here. The whole story doesn’t revolve around it, but it does play a pretty big part. And let me tell you, the lover boy? Swoon worthy. Like I was counting down the pages until he was back.

He is the type of lover boy I have missed so much in so many YA novels. He’s not the play hard to get or bad boy that makes you want to scream and punch him in the shins.

He puts his feelings right out there for Cassie. But he has enough bad boy qualities in him to still make him mysterious and heart racing, but not infuriating. If I were Cassie . . . gahhhhhh!!


And then there’s Zombie. (No, that’s not his real name, but no spoilers people!). His parts weren’t as good as Cassie’s parts, but he’s a very interesting character. And I feel that he’s going to play a bigger part in the next book.

Oh, and the ending? Yeah, it left me in much the same state as the meme above. That meme was my face almost the whole way through the book.


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