Siege and Storm


I’m going to go ahead and kick the bucket by talking about both of these books. They’re the first and second books in the Grisha trilogy and they’re to die for.

I didn’t think so when I finished the first novel – I mean, it was great, nothing really wrong with it, but not one of my top picks, ya know? – but I just finished the second installment, and, well . . .


That’s all.

Okay, first, I have to talk about Alina. The main girl with unknown powers. In the first book, she’s your typical, self-conscious, common girl. No great beauty or talent, but is helplessly in love with her best friend, who, FYI, may or may not be sleeping with many other girls.

Bear with me.

Honestly, during the first book I was not a fan of Mal (AKA, the best friend) at all. I wanted to punch him. Many times.

But during the second book, I started to feel for him a little bit more. Not much, mind you. But enough to make me interested in his and Alina’s relationship.

Alina, on the other hand, I also enjoyed much more in Siege and Storm. She starts out with a lot of problems and difficulties, but after a little ways in the second book, she’s amazing. I love that even though she’s in love with Mal, she still understands that she can’t run away with him and be common.

And usually with these type of books where there’s a bad (hotttt) boy who’s the villain (but you really wish wasn’t) and he shows up at the beginning of the second novel, the heroine gets away, there’s a very long interlude (the whole middle of the book) without any appearances of the bad boy (who you’re secretly only reading for. Who cares about the heroine, right? Bring on the smoky stolen kissing sessions!!), and then there’s some unseen event and the bad boy shows up (finally) and the book ends, giving the reader a very unsatisfied feeling because, well, WE WANT MORE OF THE BAD BAY AND KISSING GOSH DARN IT.

Did I leave anything out? Nope.

This was probably the first book I’ve read were I really enjoyed the whole thing. Even the parts without the bad boy (*gasp*).

The reason for that would most likely have to go to the mysterious character named Sturmhond. He’s, well, he rivals my feelings for the bad boy of the book. He’s funny, sarcastic (this rates high in my book), and sometimes he says things that either makes Alina want to punch him in throat or cut him in half.

“My mother was an oyster,” he said with a wink. “And I’m the pearl.”   

You see?

Now . . . the bad boy of the book.


He’s called the Darkling. And there are no words to describe him. He’s the type of character that you can’t help but love, but you know you shouldn’t because he’s well . . . evil and whatnot.

I don’t even care anymore.

I say that a lot (oops.) but it’s so true right now. The ending of the second book . . . (*cries silently*).

It was so good and soo . . . infuriating. I WANT THE LAST BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!!

I found this and couldn’t resist. It’s probably my favorite quote in the second book and shows you a little why I love the gosh darn Darkling so much. (Between Alina and the Darkling).


This is what the ending has done to me. I’m a wreak.



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3 responses to “Siege and Storm

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  2. Emilie Sofie

    I’m sooo with you on the whole Darkling + Alina ship! I LOVE the Darkling and need there to be more action between him and Alina in the third book! He sort of reminds me of king Henry from the Tudors series 🙂 In looks and evil/hot-ness! 🙂 Question! Do you know of any other books that have the same concept? Hot evil dude and hot heroine hook ups? 🙂 I’m a totall sucker for them! 🙂 Love your review! Agree on everything you said/wrote 😉
    – Emilie Sofie

    • Thank you so much! And yes, the evil/hot/don’t-even-care-anymore-about-the-guy’s-sort-of-insane-thing-because-my-body-doesn’t-know-what-to-do-feelings are much appreciated in YA books. Much, MUCH appreciated. Have you checked out the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi? The guy, Warner, reminds me of the Darkling in that kinda insane and dark way, but we as females just don’t care because he’s like a lost soul and oh-so adorable and wantable. I did a fangirling session under my “fangirling over must-have books” tag with the Shatter Me series last installment. (I also think Juliette is going to end up with Warner in the end, instead of the good guy, which makes me very, very happy indeed.) This is the first one I would check out if you haven’t already.
      Here’s the link for Shatter Me on Goodreads:
      Also, maybe try Jessica Shirvington’s Violet Eden Chapters? The guy, Phoenix, is kinda like the Darkling in the dark and ancient way, who wants to take over the world and is in love with the protagonist, Violet. There’s a whole lot more, uh, chemistry between Violet and Phoenix in the first book, which was much appreciated. Shatter Me’s Warner is probably more like the Darkling, but Phoenix is pretty darn close. Anyways, Jessica Shirvington’s series is, like, my favorite series, EVER. So. I highly recommend it. Here’s my review on it:
      And here’s more info on it from Goodreads:
      Hope you like those and haven’t read them yet! Thanks for commenting!

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