Ignite Me

Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)

Yes, I am well aware I don’t usually fangirl over books that I haven’t read yet and that don’t come out for a while, but, you know . . .


And, yes, I’m sick to my stomach that I just wrote that, but WHAT THE HECK.

This book is worthy of me losing my pride.

I even made a new page for my fangirling. Because let’s be honest: This isn’t the first or last time it’s going to happen.

Anyways . . .

It’s the last installment of the Shatter Me trilogy and the cover was released today, so . . . well . . . this happened:

That’s it . . . I’m dead.

And it seems Juliette is going to end up with WARNER. NOT ADAM.

And, okay, I get that a lot of people like Adam more than Warner (I completely disagree), but how often does the girl end up with the other guy? The one who seemed to have no chance in the first book and was a tad insane??
Here’s to being unique!


If you have not heard of this series (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!), check out the first in the series, Shatter Me, here on goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10429045-shatter-me

And then check out Ignite Me here (and fangirl like no one’s watching): http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18053135-ignite-me



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11 responses to “Ignite Me

  1. Tani

    Love the cover too!

  2. Chanel

    I agree with you on the cover part – however, not about Warner. I mean, I like the depth of the character.
    On the other hand, the girl always ends up with the bad guy. The bad guy who has a good heart underneath all the bad shit. The girl who manages to find it underneath all the dirt, heal it and then they love each other until death do them part. So cliché.
    However, I will not say that I’m team Adam or team Warner, as I’m not liking any one of them at the moment. I wish Juliette would’ve gotten stronger in the second book and stopped living in denial all the time. If she has feelings for Warner or Adam, admit them. If she knows some secret or lies, share them.
    Because the way I see it, someone important in the story, like Adam, Kenji, Castle or maybe even James, is going to die in the third book. (Most hopefully Andersson). And Juliette sure could have avoided it if she just wasn’t so self-centered and selfish all the time. She’s way too much in the head and don’t “think outside the box”, literally.
    Can’t she just say no to others for once and think about her self? Develop and protect herself, her friends and what she believes in.
    I love Juliette, but I want her to be strong and focus on the moment, herself, her powers. She continues to hurt herself by living in denial, secrets and lies and I want her to get up on her feet and stand up for herself, as the girl sure has grown on me.
    By the way, I’m sorry to have taking up your website space for some venting of my frustration about the third book not coming out until freaking February 2014!

    • Chanel

      However, I have to notify this: I might have misunderstood your post a little and I wonder over something, which might be completely ridiculous, but I have to ask anyways.
      Are you on any of the teams? (Team Adam, team Warner)

      • Also, I don’t really think I’m “team” anyone. I probably go more for Warner, because I feel like he’s such a different character than most YA guys, and I’ve never been a big fan of Adam . . . don’t know why, he just bores me.
        But I have wanted to punch Warner multiple times. It’s a love/hate relationship. But I still think Juliette should pick Warner.

    • Lol don’t worry about it! There has been more than one occasion when I have also ranted for a few paragraphs about a book (*cough, cough*).
      And I agree with you completely about the “girl always ending up with the bad boy” thing, but what I really loved about this series was that in the first book, to me it seemed obvious that she was going to end up with Adam, but after the second book, it got me thinking she wasn’t. And that is a very rare thing to find in books, I think. Because the normal thing in YA now-in-days is that there’s the love triangle, but you can always tell who the girl is going to pick in the end. And this series mixed that up completely. I wasn’t sure who Juliette was going to end up with, and it kept me guessing. I loved that.
      And I know as avid readers we want our female protagonists to be strong characters that we can look up to, and I love it when that happens, as you also said. But I do have to give Mrs. Mafi props on the fact that she didn’t make Juliette this butt kicking gal the second she was pulled out of insanity. Because I really do think Juliette was a bit insane before and even after Warner takes her in the first book. And nothing that Juliette has been through would make me think that she would even know how to deal with the pressure Warner is putting her through (I mean, she was locked up for most of her life, for pete’s sack). But she’s strong enough not to succumb to Warner’s desires for her to become this killing machine, even though she would be killing the people that hurt her in the first place. And this, to me, makes Juliette seem stronger than anyone else. If she hadn’t been locked up like she had, I think she would have been this amazingly strong protagonist.
      Now, I don’t want this to seem like I’m disagreeing with you in any way, because I’m really not. I just think Juliette doesn’t have the life skills to be able to say no to people and really realize how to stick up for herself. Because sticking up for herself when she was younger would have meant possibly hurting others around her, like that little boy. Look what happened the one time she did grow a backbone. A kid died.
      But I do think Juliette is going to become the kick-butt character that we all want in the third book. I think that she’s been through enough to finally figure out that she had to grow a backbone and fight. I highly doubt there’s going to be anymore pushing around.
      This is such a different genre of YA . . . And I’m lovin’ in.
      Wow, that was a long rant. Sorry about that. But all in all, I just don’t think Juliette knows how to express herself or stand up for herself. She was never told how to – in fact, she was raised not to.
      Okay, I’ll stop now. I could literally go on and on. But anyways . . . Thanks for commenting and I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with this series!!!

      • Chanel

        Haha, I love the fact that you wrote such a long reply, explaining how you feel and think! Not many people do, which sometimes frustrates me quite a lot.
        Also, the fact that we can exchange thoughts and ideas without ugliness I often meet on the net – THANK YOU!
        Back to the book, though: I agree with you that Juliette can’t say no to others due to her “upbringing”. However, what I noticed in the first book is that she was able to say no to Warner so well, but not to Adam. In the second book, it was the other way around, which brings up two problems for me of the second book. Perhaps even three. (Ok, yes, three).
        1) The love drama comes way too quickly. First, she’s all about Adam and he’s well-being. Then, Warner shows up at Omega, and her heart begins to beat for him. I think Mafi missed important parts here, explaining parts, as it would have made much more sense to me if Juliette slowly had been turned towards Warner, instead of going from Adam to Warner in the blink of an eye. At least, that is the way I see it.
        2) Adam looses character, as well, way too quickly. He sort of fades into the background and that’s why I’m not on his team either, as I was right after the first book. Also, I think Mafi should’ve made him a bit stronger as for his love for Juliette.
        In the first book, he seems strong and protective in a good way. They’re so compatible, i.e. when they managed to run away from Warner. They helped each other so well, like pieces of a puzzle.
        But in the second, Adam seems weak, stupid and begging. He annoyed me a lot, Warner too. I think they both were selfish, using sly methods to get to Juliette. And she was too weak to say no to either of them, hurting both and herself.
        3) What bothers me the most about the second book, is the fact that I expected Juliette to grow as a person. Or at least be on her way. I mean sure, she was getting stronger in the way that she was beginning to be able to control her powers.
        But all the love drama from page one to the last just showed me that at the end, that’s when she began to grow. There! On the last(!) page, she decides to fight back and save her friends. I just wish it would have come sooner, because then, I would have understood the dilemmas she goes through. Going through personal change is difficult and leads to issues, I know that. Therefore, I wished for her decision to grow would have been a lot sooner, like 3/4 parts into the book.
        Oh well, it’s still a good book – although I wanted to burn it up once in a while as I was reading it. However, that makes me realize how good Mrs Mafi really is, as her writing was able to make me feel so strongly about a story and the characters. It’s not often I feel like that.
        Therefore, I wish in the last book that Juliette will be able to say no, fight back and get stronger, as well as decide who she wants to be with. I want a happy ending, no one dies and if Adam or Warner don’t end up with Juliette, they’ll be able to find the love of their lives.
        Perhaps Sonya or Sara. . . or Juliette’s secret twin. Ba-dam-da-da!

  3. I never really noticed what you said about Juliette being able to say no to Warner but never to Adam until you said it, but I do see what you’re talking about. I think a lot of it was Juliette knew the simple complex of “Warner=bad” and “Adam=good.” That’s all her mind could really process at that time. (Oh, another YA cliché!)
    But I like to think that Juliette was always really attracted to Warner. Even in the first book, when I re-read it after the second book came out, Mafi made it seem almost like Juliette was trying to convince herself that Warner was bad and that she should hate him. Because all she knew was that he was with the Establishment and that he was evil. She has to figure out that he’s almost somewhere in the middle.
    And when he gets to Omega, I think that completely unravels Juliette (nope, that was not planned) and Warner. Her relationship with Adam is going downhill fast, and I think she’s starting to realize that you don’t always fall in love with the good guy. Her feelings for Warner are escalating quickly, and she’s just not sure how she should feel about that.
    But I do agree that Mafi missed important parts in the relationship between Juliette and Warner. But I also think that the first book does hint at it quite a lot, and if you re-read it after the second book you REALLY start to see it. I even remember that after I finished the first book the first time, I thought there was something very unique about Warner and Juliette’s kiss at the end. That’s not usually how you would describe a kiss with a guy you say you hate and who you don’t end up with in the end.
    But if I was Mafi, I think I would have Juliette die at the end, as horrible as that is. Because I think the direction Mafi has been leading us all to is that love can’t solve everything, like so many books lead us to believe. Warner has made it clear he’s not going to change for Juliette, and she’s not going to change for him. But I think Juliette’s death would change Warner. Maybe it’s the only thing that can change him.
    Oh, and Adam? The more I’m thinking about it, the more I kinda hate the guy. I HATE it when the guy treats the girl like glass and whatnot. I feel like he’s almost suffocating Juliette sometimes. She can’t grow with him around, because he fell in love with the little, damaged girl she used to be. While Warner, on the other hand, is in love with Juliette because he knows how strong she can be.
    Oh, look at that. Another rant I have made. Who would have thunk it? LOL.
    You did make some very interesting points that I hadn’t previously thought off, so thank you for that. I guess we just have to wait until the last book comes out (*hyperventilating in anticipation*). I want it NOW!

    • Chanel

      I think I would cry if Juliette died. But I do also agree with what you wrote, as it would probably change everybody for the good. Nice thought, I have to say!
      And when it comes to Juliette’s attraction towards Warner. I have always known it was there, long before I read the second book. Because he really gets to her like no other person, whether good or bad. So therefore, I want to like Warner and I hope Mafi makes him. . . not exactly softer, but not so complex and selfish in the third book. Because I want to know him, since it’s him Juliette seems to have chosen.
      I don’t know, I’ll just have to wait until the last book, like you said.
      By the way, did you know that there’s a side book coming out in December, written from Adam’s POV? Like the book Destroy Me was from Warner’s POV. Interesting, I have to say, as it’ll show me how the good guy thinks about all of this.

      • Yes! I heard about the side story in Adam’s POV and I’m kind of excited for it and not at the same time. I’ll probably still read it, but I feel like Mafi made this side story to maybe show people that Adam’s not such a great guy after all. He’s not the stereotypical “good guy.” I might be wrong, but I feel like there’s so many people on “Team Adam” and whatnot and she wants to show everyone that picking Warner wasn’t exactly like “picking the stereotypical bad guy.” Maybe the side story is there to make us understand Adam a little better, and maybe to love/hate him like we all do Warner.

  4. Chanel

    I’m looking forward to it and will definitely read it. Also, I disagree on Team Adam, as the most people I’ve met are on Team Warner, because he can touch Juliette, he’s complex, he’s deeper, so on and so on. I’m not either, as Mafi is a fantastic writer and will surprise us all in the third book.

    • Yeah I agree that there are a lot of people on Team Warner. But I don’t know. I remember when I went to Goodreads that there were a lot of people hating on Warner, but that was a little while ago and might have changed. I think people are still indecisive on the matter.

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