Out of the Easy

Out of the Easy

Josie’s mother is a prostitute in New Orleans in the year 1950. Josie doesn’t know who her father is, and since the age of thirteen she’s been taking care of herself. But when a rich and successful man who treats Josie like an equal buys two books at the bookstore she works at, then ends up dead later that night from a heart attack, Josie knows something is off. And when she finds the dead man’s watch hidden away in her mother’s bedroom, who has taken off with one of her dangerous customers suddenly, Josie doesn’t know what to do.

I’m not usually into books from a different time period, but I loved this one. I could actually relate to Josie in a lot of ways, especially her love of books (*cough, cough*).


Josie wants to go to college, but she also wants to get out of New Orleans. THAT I can relate to. I used to live in Louisiana, and, well . . .

Let’s just say when I had the opportunity to leave, I ran. Fast. (No offense to those of you who might live in Louisiana).

And since I’m also about to leave for college, I also understand the desire to see new things and whatnot. But for Josie, there are some people that want her to leave and make a better life for herself, and those that will do anything to make sure she never leaves.

The plot was very interesting. When Josie find the watch, I thought I knew where this story was going exactly, but what happened was completely different. And that happened throughout the whole story.

And then there’s Josie’s mother . . .

I wanted to slap her so many times. If there’s ever a meme for worst parent ever, please make it with Josie’s mother.

And then there’s the love interest . . .

I’m going to put it out there right now that this isn’t a love story. It is not centered around a (*coughhorriblecough*) romance like so many YA books are now-in-days. And I love it for that.

I’ve read sooo many books that all revolve around a love story (like Fallen, Hush, Hush, Halo, etc . . . the list is endless.), and don’t get me wrong, I really like reading those books, but there comes a point when you pick up a YA romance book and your brain is going . . .

Because there are just too many.

And Out of the Easy was a nice change. It wasn’t all romance, but had enough to keep me happy. And it focused on Josie and the choices she makes and how those choices affect her life. I loved that. I also loved that there where times that when she made (what I thought) was the right choice, and it had a horrible outcome. Because that’s what life is. It doesn’t always have a happy ending.

I’ve always hated the books where your screaming at the heroine not to make the stupid choice, and then they do it, and then it blows up in their face and your like . . .


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