The Forever Song

The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) by Julie Kagawa

(There is no cover yet. I am dead.)

Oh . . . the ending to the second book . . . OHHHHHHHHH . . .

Torture is in an author’s nature, ISN’T IT?

Gosh darn it . . . WHYYYYYYY???

And that release date? WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS THIS UNKIND LIFE???

And now I’m like, I’m like . . . an emotional WRECK because I love these characters more than I should and ZEKE . . . NONONONONONONONONONONONONO


And . . . and . . . and Kanin! And Jackel! I WANT MORE JACKEL! THE SARCASM AND WITTY PUNS ARE A MUST.
And I really, reaalllyyyy want more of Kanin. That guy . . .

Check out the first book in the series here:

And then the second (because you know you can’t resist):


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  1. Tani

    Great meme’s!

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