Two Things

Two things.

One: That cartoon above? Yeah, that’s why I don’t loan my books out to people. Because I don’t really trust them not to hurt the book’s spine, tear or bend the cover, or in any way make the novel look not-new. I have OCD when it comes to my book’s feelings . . . Don’t judge.

Yup, this is my life.

Also, because I feel that the next time I saw them they would be in a perpetual state of grieving because I gave them the saddest book I own. (FWI, I really, really, love sad stories.) And then they would look at me because I have just handed them the reason their view of the world has just been twisted behind their backs and they’re thinking thoughts they’ve never thought before and aren’t really sure they want to think anymore.

Two: If you’re an aspiring author, or just like writing and love all things YA, you should really read this article:

I thought it was really interesting. It basically talks about what agents are looking for now in YA manuscripts. Because for the last few years, all it’s really been is vampires, werewolves, witches, ect . . . And now, authors like John Green and Rainbow Rowell are super popular.

Also, an ending thought, because I saw this post from one of my favorite authors, Lauren DeStefano, and I thought it was freakin’ amazing and so, so true:

“Loss is not exceptionally hard to write; finding the honesty to write it is perhaps the only hard part about it. It cannot be done formulaically. It cannot be done through the eyes of an observer. Tears and tantrums are only symptoms of grief; they are not its body, not its weight. Loss is the thing that grays a cheerfully decorated room. It is sights and smells and a fear of entering a dark tunnel through which there is no promise of an exit at the other side.

It can only be written with honesty, and with patience. It can’t be taught, and it can’t be copied, and readers will always know whether or not it’s there.”


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