Three Types of Writing

Okay, so I recently posted a review of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and if you’ve read it, you know it’s not as funny or meme central like a lot of my other reviews. There are a few points in the book that really made me think, like when Cath says she can’t write anything but fanfiction and when they debate over what exactly is plagiarism, etc, etc, . . .

And it has recently occurred to me that there are different types of writing. Now, obviously there are millions and millions styles of writing, but I think there are only three types of writing.

And the way I’m thinking about this is through the novels I see published today. Memoirs, fiction, etc, etc, . . . But then you look at the style of writing for each individual author and you realize that just from hearing a sentence from a novel, you can pinpoint which author wrote it. It’s not difficult. Once you notice an author’s style, you can’t help but notice it now.

But the three different types of writing are talked about in Fangirl. Cath is who I believe is a true writer. Writing hurts. It feels like you’re losing a part of yourself as you morph and conjure words together and it does not feel good. And the reader can always tell when an author is a true writer. Because as readers, we feel the emotion and pain behind each word. We can’t help it. And neither can the author. The author isn’t thinking about how this sounds or if this goes with the overall theme or how on earth she’s going to make this into a 66,000 word novel . . . Now, those are important things to think about, but it’s not what Cath is thinking about. All she knows once she gets into the zone, is that her fingers are no longer attached to her body and it feels like she’s re-opening old wounds and giving them to her characters.

Another type of writing is fake. It’s when someone tries with everything in them to feel the emotions and pain a true writer gets but it just doesn’t come to them as easily. So they try to fake it. They embellish everything in the hopes the reader won’t know how fake it all sounds. But thing is that the reader can always tell.

The last type of writing is someone who doesn’t write for fun or for relief; they write for fact. They’re the ones who write memoirs or biographies, and I believe they deserve a whole category for their own.


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