Okay . . . I’m still on a rant about Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell . . .

So fair warning.

Okay . . . okay. I don’t know why I’m getting so emotional and thoughtful with this book. I really don’t. But you know how sometimes you’re reading a book, or watching or listening or whatever to something, and it might not be particularly sorrowful or whatever, but you’re sitting there, and you just can’t turn off that little voice in your head that’s screaming at you. Wait . . . no. Not screaming. That’s not the right word. More like . . . coaching you on. Like whatever media it is that you’re using is saying all the right things, and you just never knew how to put those “right” things into words or sounds or visions.

For Fangirl, I listened to it. First time I’ve ever used an audio book before, but I tried it. And maybe that’s what’s making me like this. When I read anything, even a 500 page novel, I can finish it in a day or two, easily. But for this, it took me two weeks to get through. And now I’m listening to it again. I just can’t help myself.

But, anyways, Cath says things sometimes – Rainbow Rowell says things sometimes – that make my breath hitch and go “Bloody heck . . .” Like the use of words.

Words are a big factor in this novel, just a warning . . .

But Cath is just . . . So she’ll see a boy, and think about how to describe him. Like she literally might think to herself, “His smile turns down just a little bit at the end, and it makes his whole demeanor go gruff. No . . . not gruff. Gruff is an ugly word. It makes him look . . . rough around the edges. Like he’s a diamond someone dug up that hasn’t been smoothed up enough yet.” (This is not an actual quote. I made it up.)

And that’s what I do. Literally. That’s my thought process day-to-day. (I’m not insane, I swear.)

The worse part of all this is that I can’t actually tell you what it is that’s making my brain do summersaults. I really can’t. If someone asked me, I think I would have to go buy a hard copy and just wave and throw it around in their face (though I’d never do that – it would hurt the book’s spine and edges) just to get my point across that it’s no one or two or five factors from this story – it’s the whole bloody novel. It’s not a reason that I can write a critical paper on where I can neatly lay out my three main arguments or sum up in a nice little conclusion paragraph. It’s just not.


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