Hey you.

I’ve got a question.



So, ever since I listened to Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell on Audible, I’ve been dying to get my hands on another amazingly well narrated YA novel. And (somehow) I have another credit from Audible. So that means I can get another book for FREE.

And it’s harder than it should be. I have (basically) a list of books that I’ve been dying to read, and there are some that I just can’t bare to listen to (mostly because I’ve already read the first in the series and I don’t want to ruin the trend by listening to the second installment that may or may not be read by a voice I don’t think goes with the characters . . . ). Or the book I want isn’t on Audible.

This is a crisis, people.

So what I’m basically asking is if anyone of you beautiful people knows of a book from Audible that is well narrated and is possibly a standalone novel/the first in a series? I reeeaaaallllyyy need a recommendation because I just can’t imagine a book living up to the voice who narrated Fangirl. It was just so freakin’ amazing!

I’ve already looked up other books that are narrated by the same woman, but I’ve either already read them or I’m not interested. I’d really like a YA book that’s similar to Fangirl in the sense it’s not so much paranormal/fantasy, but about real life stuff that happens in teens years and college.

Side note: It must be YA and I’d really like it to be narrated by a female voice. This doesn’t HAVE  to be the case, but I’d prefer it this way. But if you know of a book on Audible that you think I’ll love, and it’s not those two things, recommend it anyways. I’ll love you forever.


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