The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars

Rating: 4 Stars

So I’m starting to think that I just have really weird taste in books . . .

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Isadora’s family is seriously screwed up—which comes with the territory when you’re the human daughter of the ancient Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris. Isadora is tired of living with crazy relatives who think she’s only worthy of a passing glance—so when she gets the chance to move to California with her brother, she jumps on it. But her new life comes with plenty of its own dramatic—and dangerous—complications . . . and Isadora quickly learns there’s no such thing as a clean break from family.

Blending Ally Carter’s humor and the romance of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly, The Chaos of Stars takes readers on an unforgettable journey halfway across the world and back, and proves there’s no place like home.

Why do I think this? Because when I see a new book from an author I have previously enjoyed, I make it a habit to never look at other reviews of it. I do this because I don’t want to be influenced in my opinion, which I stick with the minute I have closed the novel, and only allow myself to look at other reviews when I’m done.

And it has occurred to me about five seconds ago – as I was scrolling my way through reviews of this novel – that my taste must be really off compared to everyone else in YA reviews. Because it has not happened once, nor thrice, that I find myself loving a book everyone else says has no depth or hating a book that everyone says is the new Hunger Games.

Why does this happen to me?

I liked this novel. I really did. Was it at The Hunger Games or The Violet Eden Chapters level? No. But it’s been a lot better than some of the other series I’ve read lately.

This, to me, was a short and sweet novel. And – and! – it had gods and goddesses in it from both Greek and Egyptian mythology!

A lot of people are complaining that Isadora is selfish and just a flat character. There’s nothing to her.

But to that I say:

Is Isadora the best written character? No. But I really liked her. She’s not your A-typical hot mess of a teenage girl who’s too hot for the love interest to control herself.

It was a good story line that I enjoyed. There wasn’t a love triangle that made me want to gag on the cliché of it all. The protagonist doesn’t continually make stupid choices and can take care of herself. The ending took me by surprise and there weren’t any eye-roll-worthy moments.

What more could you ask for?


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