What fictional character would you want to have dinner with?

(You can only pick one. Tough, I know.)



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  1. Vida Winters from The Thirteenth Tale, I want to know what the Thirteenth tale was lol.

  2. Ibitoye Opemikun

    Dinner? Definitely Onyx from The Violet Eden Chapters, he’d make for really fun dinner table conversation.

  3. I feel like I would walk away feeling like crap after a conversation with Onyx. Or loose it and start shaking the guy. ;p

  4. And I’m actually going to look for The Thirteenth Tale now. I want to read it.

  5. Ibitoye Opemikun

    Are you kidding me? Smart Sarcasm and wise cracks. The deep appreciation for mortal comforts, like food and wine? The guy would be PERFECT as a dinner guest.

  6. You can have Onyx, I’ll take Violet.

  7. Ibitoye Opemikun

    @The Thirteenth tale: Yeah so do I! Was actually checking it our on Goodreads

  8. Maybe Data from Star Trek: TNG. I feel like that’s a pretty good choice.

  9. angiek12

    Cress, from the Lunar Chronicles. She just came in the series and after reading the first five chapters. I LOVED HER!! I can relate to her in so many ways. She’s smart, she one of those girls who loves to daydream, and I don’t know shes kinda like me.

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