In honor of my calculus final:


. . .

It’s 11:39 p.m. on a Saturday night, and I’m sitting in my dorm room glaring at my two notebooks full of calculus notes and packet of 80 questions (with parts a, b, and c) that I was told doing was a CRITICAL part of doing well on this exam, thinking back to the last three days spent doing said packet, re-working every irrelevant math problem that makes one wonder at life’s greatest qualms, and procrastinating by writing a post on a certain blog that’s supposed to be about book reviews.

And then there was a moment earlier today when I looked up from my desk, made eye contact with my roommate who’s studying for the same calculus final, and we ask each other:


. . .


This is me as I walk into exams:


Five minutes into exam, the kid next to me has this happen to them:

And as I am pondering how to silently kill them without alerting the proctors, because of course they’re also coughing and sniffing in the most noisily possible way imaginable:


Ten minutes into exam:


Half-way into exam:

Five minutes before the exam is over:





When your friends ask you how you did:

image(Because you don’t want to jinx it.)

And then getting the exam back, seeing the grade, and having the professor tell you the reason you got a question wrong is because:

. . . . . . . . . . .












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2 responses to “Finals

  1. Opk2819

    Fantastic use of GIF’S! That was amazing.

    Good ol’ Calculus huh? Yeah, it can do that to you. And the annoying part is that it will have little real world application to you unless you’re doing major R&D/Design.

    Lol @ the stomach whale calls. Esp if the guy is Lactose intolerant and has some milk with his coffee that morning.

    Break a leg on the finals, wish you the best!

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