Ensnared (Splintered, #3)


Jeb? Jeb who? You say he’s on the cover, and all the fangirls are going crazy?


Give me Morpheus, gosh darn it! The world of Splintered only makes sense if he’s there!! I only care about him being with Alyssa!



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4 responses to “Ensnared

  1. Tricia

    K, first of all I am loving your blog and it sounds like we have a similar taste in books! This is fabulous because I am really sick of picking up books I hate and over-stuffing my shelves with garbage. So, I look forward to shopping for all of the books on your 5 star list!

    Have you read Ensnared yet? I would love to hear your take on it.

    • Thank you! And no I haven’t read Ensnared yet, since I’m still in school and I have a rule that I don’t allow myself to read much during this time (because if it came down to reading that new book or doing Organic Chemistry homework, which do you think would win?). But I haven’t heard very good things about the ending to the series. Sadly, hearing all the negative reviews hasn’t really surprised me, since I’m so used to starting an awesome series only for it to fall through at the end. Pity. But who knows, maybe I’ll read it and love it to bits. I’ve tried not to read many negative reviews (or good ones, for that matter) on Ensnared in fear of spoilers, so all I know is that people aren’t happy with something that happens at the very end of the book.

  2. I started reading the series and I AM IN LOVE. It’s brilliant!

    I also just discovered your blog, and its awesome so great job. One question though, how did you do you background?

    • It’s still one of my favorite series. 😀 And thank you very much. I have quite a lot of fun running this blog, as well.

      For my background I just copy the covers of the books from Goodreads or something and then use the basic Photo Editor that came with my Windows 8 computer to basically place the book covers I want together. And then the options for the background on this blog did the rest!

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