Pookie Bear

Soon, Pookie Bear. Soon.

World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)

Dear Pookie Bear,

Please continue with your bada** self, and I will forever love you.

A Slightly Too-Devoted Reader



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9 responses to “Pookie Bear

  1. A Pencil in her hand

    …I just finished the first two books in a day, and now the third one had better magically appear in my life before its release date. *Grabby hands* I need my sass, action, and general epicness fix. ;-; These books are horrifying and perfect and I want to hug them.

  2. A Pencil in her hand

    I know. May is not good enough. I demand it now. ;-; There is a cover, though, if that helps! *Consoles* Go bask in it and then cry all over again because we won’t get our hands on Pookie for months.

  3. A Pencil in her hand

    YEAH, YAY! ‘Tis beautiful, I agree. ❤ Is it just me, or are a bunch of really amazing books coming out in May? *Haunts Barnes and Noble*

  4. I think publishers know that there are two times of the year that they should shoot for when releasing books – either when summer starts or when it ends. I’m guessing it’s because people are going to try to read books when they get out of school (those of us who read for fun, I mean) and then when school starts up again, students might be required to read. At least that was how it was for me when I was in high school. But, yeah, I’ve noticed that trend. Gosh darn it, May. WHY YOU NO HERE SOONER?!?

  5. A Pencil in her hand

    I was homeschooled, and it’s so hard to find new books to devour when they don’t come out for months. Especially if you’re an avid reader. I suppose it’s a good strategy to get people reading when they aren’t in school, but…but… I want them. *Puppy dog eyes*

    • Ah, I was homeschooled as well for a few years. Then high school came around and my mother refused to teach me any science (she has a distinct distastefulness of the stuff), so I went to public school. Now I’m majoring in Forensic Science. Oh, the irony.

      It is a crime that the publishers tease us with these far off release dates, only to have all your favorite books come out in one month, then you read them all so quickly, and then you’re back to waiting only to repeat the cycle all over. Those publishers – wicked, conniving fellas.

  6. A Pencil in her hand

    I’m majoring in English! Although, who knows what I’ll minor in. Forensic Science sounds fascinating (Although I bet it’s a boatload of hard brain work). I haven’t actually had much science for that same reason.

    It really is. I usually can’t save a book longer than a day if I’m reading it, even though I know the next one won’t be available for ages. Very, very wicked… Although, I suppose we have to give the writers time to write/edit their books well. I wouldn’t want a subpar book, just because I was too impatient to wait. (This I tell myself as I sob over release dates)

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