Finals (Part 2)

This time last semester during finals week, I wrote a little blog post (find here: about my Calculus final and the utter joy that comes from studying (read: cramming) from studying something that will have little (read: no) real-world application to my life or future job in forensic science (and sure as heck won’t do me squat when writing that future New York Times Bestseller) and my feels on life. Which, during finals week, are pretty darn depressing and even more so sarcastic than I usually am (which is really saying something).

And I just finished finals for this semester, so I’m a little late, but, hell, this just needs to be done.

So in honor of my Organic Chemistry final, my life =

I got to listen to the amazing people with photographic memories (not even kidding) in my O-chem class who took the final before me about how freakin’ hard the test was and how the freakin’ professor APPARENTLY made the test impossible because he was upset about the high average of the last test. Which, mind you, was a 70% WITH A 10% CURVE ADDED. So, in other words, the average was a 60% and that was just too high for an O-chem exam.


And then walking into the tutor room where I and the rest of the desperate souls in O-chem who are having praying sessions back-to-back with study sessions just to pass the freakin’ final get to hear from the geniuses of the class that, and I quote, “That test was hard. I failed. Everyone: change your majors now to business or art history. The pain ain’t worth it. As to the rest of you who are going to continue on with your major: may God have mercy on ye soul.”

In the tutor room with the rest of coffee fumed, desperate O-chem souls:

And as we all look at each other and think about how the professor told us the statistics of passing this class at the beginning of the year (which was less than a 40% chance of passing), we think to ourselves, “I just have to get a higher score than a few of these suckers.”

And then as we continue glaring at each other and crying silently, we wonder:

Read your textbook, they tell you. Highlight what’s important, they said.

Me, studying at 3:00 a.m.:

Then that great text from your roommate about the fundaments of life (also at 3:00 a.m. Because let’s be honest – you ain’t getting crap done):

Getting into the exam, looking at the questions and seeing something that has never, ever been covered in class before:

Seeing the most ridiculous questions and just having that epiphany that your professor is just truly screwing with you now, you realize that you should just be a smarta**.

After 3 HOURS of the O-chem exam, before the professor is about to kick you out:


On a side note: I passed everything. So, I say to you, my dearly hated finals that I wish nothing but the most fiery pits of hell for:


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  1. I know the feeling! I just got done with my finals

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