Seems Legit

I’m taking a Criminal Justice class at the moment, and you know it’s a good class when the first slide on the PowerPoint is this:

Also, since I’m already on the subject, I wish to share a conversation I had with my older brother (who is currently in Germany) a little while ago via text that went a little like this:

Me: Bro, where are your guns?

Brother: In the guest bedroom. Whhhyyyyyy???

Me: I might need to learn how to use a gun for my future job.

Brother: What kind of chemist needs to know how to use a gun?

Me: Haven’t you ever seen Breaking Bad?

My brother is so proud of me.

(FYI: I’m changing certain things up here for security reason. Hence, I don’t think it particularly wise to put on the internet where the guns are kept in your home, sooo . . . yeah. Just go with me here.)

(Another FYI: My brother doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I switched from a chemistry major to a Forensic Science major last year. Aw, brother, you know me so well.)

(Final FYI: No, I wasn’t serious, if it wasn’t already abundantly clear. Don’t do meth, kids. It’s bad for you.)

(Why, yes, this was completely random and pointless. No, I do not care that it has nothing to do with books whatsoever. Because this is part of a blog that I post utter crap useless stuff on that might so happen to pop into my brain or be something I saw on the internet.)


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