This is My Life

Do you ever walk into a Barnes & Noble (or any bookstore for that matter), and you’re not there to grab that one or two books you’ve been waiting to come out and go, so you just kind of take your time and stand for too long in front of YA shelves, and like the creeper you are, you start looking around at the other teenagers/pre-teens/young adults/other people around that area? And while you are being the creeper you are, you start to listen in on their conversations with their friends, picking up books as they go, and you can tell they’re not really avid readers – or at least, not like you are (though you could possibly be defined as an obsessive reader . . .) – and so there they are, picking up YA books and then haphazardly putting them back in the wrong places, thus making you trail behind them to place the books in their proper places like the OCD person you truly are, and you see them picking up books you’ve already read, possibly reviewed, and which you know for a fact are just horrible books in general, making your fingers twitch uncomfortably because you really, really want to tell them not to waste their money on that particular book, because you know that look in their eyes, you know they’re thinking about buying it. And you want so badly to recommend to them a better book/series for them to spend their money on, one that likely has a much prettier cover.

But you don’t. You refrain yourself because even though you are indeed a creeper and likely need to get a better social life, you’re not that much of a creeper.

And then once that person leaves with that horrible book in their hand headed for the cash register, you begin to hide the awful books in the YA section behind much better written books that are your personal favorites. Why, yes, your local bookstore likely hates you because of this. So it goes.



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  1. A Pencil in her hand

    *Raises hand* Guilty as charged. I do this, too. There are many books that I haven’t actually read, but that you have, and I know by your reviews that they are horrendous. I avoid them at Barnes & Noble, but many people there gravitate toward them. I have been known to hide those books in place of better ones, because I like doing people a public service. *Tips hat*
    I work in a library over the summer, and I have wanted to recommend books to people all the time.
    I’d love nothing more than to be someone’s personal book consultant. I could tell them what books to read, and everything would just be peachy, because I’m right. (I suppose if I ever write a book blog, I could do that. Hmm.)
    I absolutely hated the book ‘The Last Princess’ so if you come across that one in Barnes and Noble, hide it for me, will ya?

  2. I always feel like people gravitate towards the horrible books, and I’m just like, “Well, this is why you don’t like to read.” I used to volunteer for my local library, but I never did anything with the YA section, sadly. I was always in the children’s area, recommending books for flustered parents that have no idea what to do about their child’s book project.

    I feel like I am some people’s personal book consultant, sometimes. Though sometimes I hate when I’m meeting someone new, and they ask about my hobbies, so I tell them reading and they ask for book recommendations. And I lot of times I lie and don’t tell them my favorite books because it’s like I just know that they’re not going to read any of the books I recommend anyways and even if they do, they’re probably not going to like it anyways. Or worse, they ask to borrow my copy of this one book I absolutely love, and I’m like “Uh, um, nuno. No. You will damage the cover because you have no respect for the book’s feelings.” Or worse, they just never return the book. So I never lend out my books. I’m a weirdo, I know.

    I’ve never heard of The Last Princess, actually, but that is dully noted. I will hide it from now on.

  3. A Pencil in her hand

    Thank you for aiding me in the struggle against bad books. *salutes*
    Ugh, yes, I am constantly asked for recommendations, which is kind of strange, because the people who ask don’t actually read much, so it always feels like some sort of test: “Do you actually read? *Squinting* Prove it; gimme some titles.”

    But I’m fairly certain that exposing my favorites would make everyone in my life very uncomfortable and think I was a heathen. I never lend out my books either, although I have a soft spot for my brother reading them. (Terrible things, soft spots.)

    I’m judged based upon what books I tell people I read, so most of the time, I just tell them I don’t have favorites. In truth, I have many favorites, and could talk for /hours/ about books I like. (I like talking with you about them, because you’re one of the few people who has ever heard of half the books I’ve read)

    • Haha, I know what you mean. It’s like, “Gimme some title that DO NOT include The Hunger Games, Divergent, or TFIOS. Then we’ll talk.”

      And it’s almost worse when you do give out your favorite titles and they actually read them and just absolutely hate the books. It’s like this friendship is just done (not really).

      I have to bite my tongue a lot of the times when I find someone who actually likes to read because I’ll talk their ear off about a certain book and/or series. I don’t want to scare them away too early. And I feel that I’m at the point where you could drop any YA book title or author on me and I’ve most likely heard of it. ;p

  4. A Pencil in her hand

    Exactly! I usually give people titles that they’d never heard of, and they fade off into the Land of Disinterest.

    YES. Or even worse is when someone hates on your favorite character. Like, excuse you, don’t you know I’m married to that character and we have three kick-butt children? How dare you.

    Same here. 😀 I get a little long winded with books/plot theories /characters. Especially since most people in my life own like seven books. *Throws books at them* READ THESE RIGHT NOW.

    That’s probably true, lol. I know for a fact you’ve read way more YA books than I have, which is why I enjoy your recommendations so much. I can take advantage of them and steer clear of awful books.

    I would recommend some of my favorites for you to read, but I’m sure you’ve already read them. Yak away about any book you like. I’m not scared. 😉

    • I can’t even deal with someone hating on my OTP(s)/ships. I will destroy them (not really . . . well . . . maybe somewhat).

      What I really hate is when one of my parent’s thinks they should try to read one of my favorite books, and I’m just like . . . umm, no. NUNO. No thank you, mother. No offense, but . . . NO.

      Why, thank you. ;P I try my best. Honestly, the only reason I ever started this blog was because I had no one else to really rant to about books, and when it got to the point where my mother is telling me to start a blog just for this purpose, it was bad. So. Yeah.

      And I wouldn’t necessarily say that. I know a lot of books, but every once in a while I get a recommendation from someone about a series that I’ve never heard of (usually because the cover was fugly and it didn’t have high ratings on Goodreads, but this one person really liked it). So then I’ll try the series. That’s actually how I found out about Angelfall by Susan Ee. I’d never heard of it before (and if I had, I’d never paid all that much interest in it), but someone recommended it to me here, so I read it and loved it.

  5. A Pencil in her hand

    Your parents want to read your favorite books? I haven’t encountered that problem, but it sounds mildly terrifying based on the book’s content.
    *winces as Mom picks up A Court of Thorns and Roses” Mom, I doubt you want to read about neck biting…

    You’re welcome! Lol, well good for her. 🙂

    Yess, I’m so glad they did. They are fabulous because since you read it and reviewed it, I happened across it and read it as well, and I’m so glad I did. I would have been deprived I tell you.

    If I think of a favorite of mine that isn’t already on your blog list, I’ll let you know. I love sharing books with people who will actually enjoy them, or at least will read them and tell me what they thought of them.

    (Side note: I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wished you had a ‘search for a book title that Hannah has reviewed’ bar. I go on a hunt when I try and find out if you’ve read/reviewed certain books. I have no idea if this is even something you could control on a blog, but just thought I’d suggest it, since it has been on my mind!)

    • That’s basically exactly why I would never let my mother read one of my books. She would truly be so uncomfortable and unhappy with me if she read about neck biting, lol.

      And that’s actually funny, because I used to have a search bar for this blog but then I took it down during one of my updates of how this blog looks. I’ll go ahead and put it back up, though, if I thought someone would actually use it. ;p

  6. A Pencil in her hand

    Yes, so would mine. :/ I’d rather not have her know about that! It’s a very intimate thing, having a relationship with a book.

    Really? I’d love it if it got put back up, Hannah! It sure would make my life easier. ❤

  7. A Pencil in her hand

    Yay! Thanks for letting me stalk your reviews efficiently, Hannah! 😀 ❤

  8. Opemikun Ibitoye

    Suspect is a Single White Female, late teens/early twenties, dirty blonde, 80-100 pounds. Known to visit Book Shops in little Midwestern towns, rearranging books and snooping on randon shoppers conversations. Last seenat about 0900 hours walking into one ‘Barnes and Noble’ at the corner of ‘hair’ and ‘raising’ behind a little girl in a bumblebee costume. Neither suspect or said little girl have exited the building or been seen or heard from since.

    Sound familiar?

  9. Hahaha I’m that creeper. Although I often forget that there are people around and behave like I own the bookstore. I love books so much.

    P.S – I’ve just started my blog and I don’t have much experience with blogging. It would be great if you could give some tips. And your blog is really good 🙂

    • I find that I’m that creeper more and more lately . . . People just really need to start reading better books. Like, really. I see the “Most Popular” shelves and can’t help but scoff at the selection almost all the time.

      And thank you very much! 😉 I gave your blog a look around and I think you’re doing an awesome job so far. Honestly, I had to play around with wordpress and all its settings for kind of a while before I got the hand of it all. Before that was just awful. So that’s really all I can say – just give it time and play around, see what you like.

      • Thank you so much for taking time and looking into my blog 🙂
        And OMG don’t even get me started on the “Most Popular” shelves. I don’t understand how those books get popular. Guess people don’t have a good taste in books.
        Btw I really enjoy reading paranormal, horror and rom-coms 🙂
        Which genre do you prefer?

  10. I literally just came home from the bookstore (I haven’t been in forever, mostly due to having freakin’ pneumonia for three weeks not so long ago and school starting again, Lord have mercy), and I had one of those moments when I saw Kiera Cass’s new book, The Siren, came out, and the bookstore had a WHOLE FREAKIN’ SHELF dedicated to it, themed and everything, and I just started giggling like an idiot, because that is so, so bad. And it was right next to the table dedicated to all the new Harry Potter merchandise, and I was almost insulted for J.K. Rowling.


    I don’t really have a preference for genres. I have favorites in almost every category, so it’s hard to say, but I’d have to say that if I can find some kind of fantasy/supernatural (NOT the kind that includes vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, etc, etc, . . .) with only a touch of romance, that’s likely a winner in my book. The ones like The Raven Boys, The Night Circus, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and, most recently, Six of Crows. I don’t typically like books that revolve around a romance, but prefer ones that have almost a side helping of it, so to say.

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