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So I was in my local library the other day, about to enter the Young Adult section, and I see this new sign just outside the room that says, “Only 18 years and younger beyond this point.”

I take offense at this.

(Obviously I ignored the sign.)



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This is My Life

Do you ever walk into a Barnes & Noble (or any bookstore for that matter), and you’re not there to grab that one or two books you’ve been waiting to come out and go, so you just kind of take your time and stand for too long in front of YA shelves, and like the creeper you are, you start looking around at the other teenagers/pre-teens/young adults/other people around that area? And while you are being the creeper you are, you start to listen in on their conversations with their friends, picking up books as they go, and you can tell they’re not really avid readers – or at least, not like you are (though you could possibly be defined as an obsessive reader . . .) – and so there they are, picking up YA books and then haphazardly putting them back in the wrong places, thus making you trail behind them to place the books in their proper places like the OCD person you truly are, and you see them picking up books you’ve already read, possibly reviewed, and which you know for a fact are just horrible books in general, making your fingers twitch uncomfortably because you really, really want to tell them not to waste their money on that particular book, because you know that look in their eyes, you know they’re thinking about buying it. And you want so badly to recommend to them a better book/series for them to spend their money on, one that likely has a much prettier cover.

But you don’t. You refrain yourself because even though you are indeed a creeper and likely need to get a better social life, you’re not that much of a creeper.

And then once that person leaves with that horrible book in their hand headed for the cash register, you begin to hide the awful books in the YA section behind much better written books that are your personal favorites. Why, yes, your local bookstore likely hates you because of this. So it goes.


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Do you ever sit in one of your university lectures, and the professor has an accent so thick you can only understand about 1/3 of what he’s actually saying and it’s the last three weeks of the semester and you have a solid grade in the class and you are at the point in your life where you’ve just stopped caring and the only reason you even show up to the class anymore is because the freakin’ professor takes participation credit and the girl next to you is playing Angry Birds and – for the love of all that is holy – she cannot beat that effing level, so you sit there, and think about how good a nap sounds, so what do you do?

You get on your laptop, dim the brightness as far as it can go, and unabashedly start to read fanfiction.



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Keep Calm



February 18, 2015 · 7:25 pm

Seems Legit

I’m taking a Criminal Justice class at the moment, and you know it’s a good class when the first slide on the PowerPoint is this:

Also, since I’m already on the subject, I wish to share a conversation I had with my older brother (who is currently in Germany) a little while ago via text that went a little like this:

Me: Bro, where are your guns?

Brother: In the guest bedroom. Whhhyyyyyy???

Me: I might need to learn how to use a gun for my future job.

Brother: What kind of chemist needs to know how to use a gun?

Me: Haven’t you ever seen Breaking Bad?

My brother is so proud of me.

(FYI: I’m changing certain things up here for security reason. Hence, I don’t think it particularly wise to put on the internet where the guns are kept in your home, sooo . . . yeah. Just go with me here.)

(Another FYI: My brother doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I switched from a chemistry major to a Forensic Science major last year. Aw, brother, you know me so well.)

(Final FYI: No, I wasn’t serious, if it wasn’t already abundantly clear. Don’t do meth, kids. It’s bad for you.)

(Why, yes, this was completely random and pointless. No, I do not care that it has nothing to do with books whatsoever. Because this is part of a blog that I post utter crap useless stuff on that might so happen to pop into my brain or be something I saw on the internet.)

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Finals (Part 2)

This time last semester during finals week, I wrote a little blog post (find here: about my Calculus final and the utter joy that comes from studying (read: cramming) from studying something that will have little (read: no) real-world application to my life or future job in forensic science (and sure as heck won’t do me squat when writing that future New York Times Bestseller) and my feels on life. Which, during finals week, are pretty darn depressing and even more so sarcastic than I usually am (which is really saying something).

And I just finished finals for this semester, so I’m a little late, but, hell, this just needs to be done.

So in honor of my Organic Chemistry final, my life =

I got to listen to the amazing people with photographic memories (not even kidding) in my O-chem class who took the final before me about how freakin’ hard the test was and how the freakin’ professor APPARENTLY made the test impossible because he was upset about the high average of the last test. Which, mind you, was a 70% WITH A 10% CURVE ADDED. So, in other words, the average was a 60% and that was just too high for an O-chem exam.


And then walking into the tutor room where I and the rest of the desperate souls in O-chem who are having praying sessions back-to-back with study sessions just to pass the freakin’ final get to hear from the geniuses of the class that, and I quote, “That test was hard. I failed. Everyone: change your majors now to business or art history. The pain ain’t worth it. As to the rest of you who are going to continue on with your major: may God have mercy on ye soul.”

In the tutor room with the rest of coffee fumed, desperate O-chem souls:

And as we all look at each other and think about how the professor told us the statistics of passing this class at the beginning of the year (which was less than a 40% chance of passing), we think to ourselves, “I just have to get a higher score than a few of these suckers.”

And then as we continue glaring at each other and crying silently, we wonder:

Read your textbook, they tell you. Highlight what’s important, they said.

Me, studying at 3:00 a.m.:

Then that great text from your roommate about the fundaments of life (also at 3:00 a.m. Because let’s be honest – you ain’t getting crap done):

Getting into the exam, looking at the questions and seeing something that has never, ever been covered in class before:

Seeing the most ridiculous questions and just having that epiphany that your professor is just truly screwing with you now, you realize that you should just be a smarta**.

After 3 HOURS of the O-chem exam, before the professor is about to kick you out:


On a side note: I passed everything. So, I say to you, my dearly hated finals that I wish nothing but the most fiery pits of hell for:

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The Raven Cycle

Just some more reasons to read The Raven Boys series by Maggie Stiefvater (if you even need more).

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

The Smudgey One!!!! I love Noah, but it's sad because he's a ghost :(

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. Gansey's confused and Ronan thinks it's hilarious.

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