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The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire, #1)



8 responses to “Future Reviews

  1. Ok I have been looking forever to try to find a way to tell you about this awesome book I just read that I think you’ll go crazy for. I didn’t know where to tell you about it. Sorry for not writing about Lolita. K, YOU NEED TO READ ANGELFALL BY SUSAN EE. If you haven’t already. The ending…it’ll leave you in tears. You need to read if you haven’t. It’s amazing.

    • Lol, it’s fine! You can write about anything here or anywhere else on this blog! There should be a place to comment on every page. Also, I looked the book up on Goodreads and I’ll read it soon! Thanks for the recommendation! It looks really good and I haven’t heard of it before, so thank you!! 😀 Any book that can leave me in tears is a good book.

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  3. A Pencil in her hand

    Have you read The Darkest Minds, Hannah?

  4. A Pencil in her hand

    Well, /I/ think it’s good! I have no idea what you would think of it, but I really like that series. 🙂 (Bonus: If you look on Goodreads, the first review for it is from Sarah J Maas, and she loved it. ;D)

    • I did see Maas’s review. I went looking, but the funny thing is that with almost all of the reviewers I trust it was either a hit or miss. Either a one star or five star review. But I’ll try it when I can! (I’m going back to school soon, so my reading time will be near to non existent. *cries in corner*)

  5. A Pencil in her hand

    Yeah! If I find any others that I think you would enjoy, I’ll let you know. The book I’m reading now seems promising, but I need to get further into it to tell for sure. (Ew, school. 😦 Mine doesn’t start until Sept. 28th and people I know have school starting in August which is an abomination. August is still summer, people!)

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