I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’m reading, I usually have my iPod in my ears, and whatever I’m listening to becomes the soundtrack of the book I’m reading. So then, whenever I’m listening to the same song, all I can think about is that one book, or maybe that one scene, and it brings back all the emotions I felt.

So, I thought I would give you guys some songs that I think are perfect for the books I review. If you do the same thing, feel free to tell me in the comments below and what song goes with what books for you.


(If you’re trying to write a book or short story or whatever, and feel stuck, try these songs, because they sure helped me. Oddly enough, a lot of these are also the songs I listened to when I wrote my book.)

Also, I should warn you that I’m a little obsessed with Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, and Florence + the Machine. Just a warning.

Parachute – Ingrid Michaelson (or Cheryl Cole. Depends.)

How To Be A Heartbreaker – Marina and the Diamonds

I Am Not A Robot – Marina and the Diamonds

Numb – Marina and the Diamonds

Homewreaker – Marina and the Diamonds

Wonderful Life – Hurts

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray

Teen Idle – Marina and the Diamonds

In My Mind – Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl

Help I’m Alive – Metric

My Love – Sia

Howl – Florence + the Machine

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

Into The Ocean – Blue October

Video Games – Lana Del Ray

Oh No – Marina and the Diamonds

Gold – Owl City

She Wolf – Shakira

Castle of Glass – Linkin Park

National Anthem – Lana Del Ray

Swimming – Florence + the Machine

Slow Down – Selena Gomez

Buy The Stars – Marina and the Diamonds

And if you want something instrumental, try Lindsay Stirling or The Piano Guys. It’s all awesome.


4 responses to “Soundtracks

  1. Ibitoye Opemikun

    Seriously? Why all the sad music?

    Lana Del Rey I even get. Florence and the Machine I can tolerate but whats with Marina and the Diamonds?

    If I ever laid my hands on your iPod, I’d sync plug it to my laptop, wipe it and sync some good music to it!

  2. Ha! Marina and the Diamonds is the best! And it’s not sad music . . . at least I don’t think it is. Also, you have to take in consideration that I wrote this when I first started this blog, and hadn’t even glanced back at it until now. (Though, I still like Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, and Florence and the Machine.)
    As for sad music, I go more for instrumental sad kind of music when I’m writing or even reading sometimes. For some reason it makes it easier for me to write.
    Anymore, though, I listen to MashFox (a youtuber) who mixes two songs together. It’s different. I’ve also gotten into Phildel a little bit and (I almost hate to say it) Lorde’s album. But besides the major three artists listed above, there are no other major single artists that I’m into at the moment. Just different songs from a wide variety of people.

  3. alindstadt

    So when do I get to read YOUR book!? I, too, am an Alice in Wonderland fanatic with the softest of soft spots for re-tellings (PS before I go on I must say that I emailed AG Howard on the topic of Ensnjared basically saying, “Dude, Alyssa is immortal and the QUEEN of WONDERLAND! And… You know… The King… If that isn’t eventful enough to warrant a new series chronicling at least a few of her adventures, then what DOES?!?!” I am pleased to say that she wrote back she DEFINITELY, albeit only ‘plans to,’ take us back to wonderland after her Phantom re-telling series. We’re talkin way future here. But… **Swoon**. I mean come on. I haven’t mentioned a certain character because I don’t want to risk spoiling the series for anyone… But Need. More. Now. I know you know who I’m referring to. I could read books about those two literally forever haha) and I, too, am an avid reader who reads freakishly fast. HP#7- for example- bought it at midnight on the release date and was done by morning. I long for the days I was in school/ college and had the opportunity to do so. Anyway. I’m totally intrigued with you/ your blog for some reason. You seem a lot like me. I’d love to read a draft of your novel! Writing is a huge passion of mine as well. We seem to have very similar taste! Have you read The Choas Walking Trilogy yet? I read them in 2012, and call me a hipster or whatever blah blah but I’m getting mad that the characters I love so much have SO many relationships with other people now… Too many people 😫😖😂 haha. AND they’re making movies. Sigh. My little loves, so mainstream soon… Anyway if you have not yet read them they are by Patrick Ness and are YA sci-fi/fantasy/ love story/ epic adventure/ amazing wonderful fantastic *starts tearing up* haha. And beware… Human characters aren’t the only ones you’ll be loving! I love a story where you can really get attached to an animal in it, and I mean really attached, like they are your own. So read ! Chaos Walking Trilogy, Patrick Ness. Also, I wanted to talk about Alice re-tellings. You only have 3 as far as I can see in your reviews… Have you heard of After Alice? That just came out a month or so ago and is sitting on my nightstand bookshelf until I’m ready for my next read. I am wondering if besides these four (5 if you include a more of a “based on” than a retelling in the short story book slasher girls and monster boys) if you’ve come across any more? They are my favorite for obvious reasons :). Anyway such a cool blog! So happy I came across it. 😁

    • Thank you for your kind words!! 😀 Honestly at this point I’ve technically written two full novels and am currently writing my third. (They’re not a series, BTW – they’re all standalone novels ’cause I don’t really like writing series’.) For the first book I wrote I did the whole shebang and wrote a thousand query letters and sent a thousand emails to agents and the like, and I did hear back from one who wanted my manuscript, which I obviously sent to her, but then she backed out saying that she had too many other projects coming in and so-on-and-so-forth. Since then I’ve just been far too busy to put in the time and effort needed to scout agents and write the query letters, so right now that plan is on hold. (Also, I have the horrid habit of finishing one book and then immediately starting on another, and then I start to think the book I’m currently writing is much better than the one I just finished and so I want to wait until I finish the one I’m currently writing so that one can be my debut novel. Which is obviously a vicious cycle I’m trying to break away from, since then by this logic I’ll never have a debut novel.)

      As for Alice in Wonderland re-workings, I’ve read the Splintered series (obviously) and that is probably the best Alice in Wonderland re-working I’ve ever read, to be quite honest. There’s also another book called Alice, which I just finished and did a review on. It was pretty darn good, but on the gory side (which I don’t personally mind at all). There’s also another series called Alice in Zombieland . . . I would recommend not wasting your time on this series – it was utter crap. I also wrote reviews on that series, so you could look those up if you’re curious to see the amount of snark I had when it came to that series. I have heard of After Alice, and that is on my to-read shelf for sure, though I probably still won’t have time to read anything until after I’m done with my finals. (I still also have to write about three more reviews sometimes this week.)

      As for just Alice in Wonderland re-tellings, that’s about it. I know of many other re-tellings of childhood fairytales and such, and I even have a self just for re-workinds of childhood tales on Goodreads, if you’d like to look at that. There are some really good other re-tellings that aren’t Alice in Wonderland related.

      I haven’t actually read that series, but I shall look into it. Thanks for the recommendation! Right now I have such a long to-read list and I just don’t have the time (*cries in corner*). But I’m looking forward to my Christmas break when I’ll (hopefully) have more time to be a hermit and do nothing but read. ;P

      But if you do happen to read After Alice before I do (which you probably will), tell me how it was! And if it was crap, so that I don’t even bother picking it up myself. ;P

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